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How to Rent Guide(February 2016)

Click   on   the   title   above   to   open   a   new   page   containing   the   booklet.   On   any   new tenancies   the   government   has   recently   updated   their   How   to   Rent   booklet   for all   agents   and   private   landlords.   The   government   stipulates   that   landlords   and agents   must   provide   their   tenants   with   a   paper   or   online   copy   before   any   new tenancy   period.The   new   version   can   now   be   downloaded   from   the   DCLG’s (Department   of   Communities   and   Local   Government’s)   website,    this   includes the   new   information   on   the   immigration   checks   that   are   now   mandatory   under the   Right   To   Rent   legislation.   In   the   new   publication   it   informs   potential   tenants that    lettings    agents    and    landlords    will    need    to    confirm    their    immigration standing   and   that   any   potential   tenants   who   are   18   and   over,   will   have   to undergo the security check.

To Let Section

Our    ‘To    Let’    section    is    currently    under construction.    If    you    have    any    properties, residential   or   business,   please   contact   us for further details  
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