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Do you have a property or properties that are leasehold?

Leasehold   properties   present   an   additional   set   of   problems   and   issues   over   and   above   the   normal problems   associated   with   a   freehold   property.   You   have   another   layer   of   regulations   to   comply with,    some    you    will    be    aware    of,    and    some    that    you    suddenly    become    aware    of    when    the freeholder   gets   in   touch!   Make   sure   that   you   have   access   to   a   copy   of   your   lease,   it   will   be invluable when an issue raises its ugly head. Free help is available from the Leasehold Advisory Service.



Are you getting value for money with your service charges

Service   charges   can   vary   considerably   between   properties   and   they   are   governed   by   legislation.   If you have any concerns contact us if you need further advice.



Is the Freeholder acting reasonably?

We   have   experience   of   Freeholders   acting   irresponsibly   and   in   one   instance   we   were   able   to   give advice   and   act   on   behalf   of   the   leasehoders   to   form   a   Right   To   Manage   Company   to   take   over   the     management of the properties. Contact us if you need further advice.



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