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Residential Landlord Did   you   become   a   landlord   by   choice or    did    circumstance    make    you    a landlord?    Either    way    you    have    the same   problems   or   issues   regarding property       ownership       and       being responsible    for    tenants.    Properties and   tenants   are   strange   in   that   one day    all    is    fine,    and    the    next,    the problems       can       seem       to       be unsurmountable.     if     you     are     not already   a   member,   then   you   should seriously   consider   joining   the   Wrekin Landlors’   Association,   they   are   able to   give   advice   and   provide   a   forum for   like   minded   landlords   to   receive and      give      the      benefit      of      their experiences   and   how   they   dealt   with problems.
     About     the     Wrekin     Landlords Association The   Annual   membership   fee   is   only £20.00.       The       organisation       was originally   set   up   in   the   mid   1990’s   to represent          private          residential Landlords   in   the   Telford   and   Wrekin area   of   Shropshire.   The   aim   was   to uphold   the   interests   of   Independent Landlords     and     tenants.     Members range   from   beginners   with   just   one property      to      Multi-Million      pound portfolio    holders    with    many    years experience   and   now   includes   Private Landlords   from   many   different   areas of   the   country,   although   in   the   main, they   mostly   have   some   form   of   local property interest.
At   Mercury   Property   Services   we   can offer      advice      and      guidance      to residential   landlords   and   we   can   also manage your property.
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