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Mercury Property Services

Or   MPS   for   short,   is   a   company   dedicated   to   providing   high   quality residential   lettings   in   the   Telford   and   Wrekin   area.   All   our   lettings provide   comfortable   and   suitable   residential   accomodation   for   all our tenants.


All    of    our    properties    are    either    ground    floor    apartments    or bungalows   and   they   are   within   easy   walking   distance   from   local amenities   including   railway   station,   bus   station,   major   shops   and the Princes Royal Hospital (with a 24 hour A&E department).


For   our   tenant’s   peace   of   mind   all   our   tenancies   are   on   Assured Shorthold   Tenancy   Agreements   of   either   6   or   12   months.   Under normal   circumstances   we   do   not   allow   pets   unless   they   are   guide or   assistance   dogs.   Smoking   is   not   permitted   in   our   properties. Unless   you   are   regeisterd   as   disabled   or   are   over   the   retirement age   we   do   not   accept   new   tenants   who   are   receiving   state   or housing benefits.
Tenant Services Our aim is to provide, for all of our tenants, good quality residential accommodation that is sutable for their way of life, at a price that offers value for money. Should an issue arise then it can be reported by text, telephone, email or through this website.  
Property Owners Our services include property and tenant management for any property: from an individual bedsit to blocks of flats. We have particular experience in the management of leases from both a leaseholder and freeholder perspective.  
Property Maintenance Our properties are managed and maintained by Business and Banking Solutions Ltd. (BBS for short).