Business & Banking Solutions Ltd is registered with ‘The Property Redress Scheme’

Business & Banking Solutions Ltd

Or   BBS,   for   short,   is   a   business   that   was   formed   in   the   early   1990’s   to provide   business   and   IT   consultancy.   Since   then   it   has   added   property   and lease management to the portfolio of work that it undertakes. BBS   helped   a   group   of   leaseholders   by   advising   them   and   undertaking   the work   required   to   form   the   first   ‘Right   to   Manage’   company   in   Shropshire and they continue to act as the agent to manage the property. Likewise   they   were   able   to   regain   the   freehold   on   behalf   of   another   group of     leaseholders     who     lost     the     freehold     under     the     ‘bona     vacancia’ regulations.

Working for our clients

Our   clients   are   our   first   priority   and   we give      our      full      attention      to      their r     e     q     u     i     r     e     m     e     n     t     s     .       Business   and   Banking   Solutions   Ltd   is   a member    of    the    PRS,    the    government authorised Property Resolution Service               
Business & Banking Solutions Ltd
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